Pneumatic Elevator

Pneumatic Elevator

Tubes are installed without welding: connected with stainless steel flange. Cyclone with mounting bracket for fixed installation on top of the hopper.

Model No.66289928
Filling capacity (closures)15.00045.000
Dimension (in mm)800 x 800 x 9001050 x 1050 x 1350
Power range (till bph)23.00060.000
Motor capacity (in kW)0,254
Length (in m)

Part No.: RB.500
Product name: Bend with cable channels
Description: The associated pipelines are made individually.

Part No.: H.01.130
Product name: Pneumatic gate
Description: Installation directly on the cyclone. Is used for transport of Ringpull as well as crown cork closures combined with the pneumatic elevator.

Product name: Pneumatic tubes with cable channels
Standard lengths:

  • 1350 mm
  • 1950 mm
  • 6000 mm

Special lengths according to requirements.